Best Time of Day to Power Wash Your Home?

You know how often you should pressure wash your home but do you know what’s the best time of day to do so? Just like with most things in home maintenance there’s different factors to consider. Our power washing experts here at Equinox Power Cleaning recommend the best time to power wash is on a day with mild temperatures and a lot of sunshine. This climate makes it ideal for you to get the job done and helps the exterior dry quickly due to the sunshine. If you are in the middle of a season we recommend waiting until the end of the season so you can wash away that season’s residue and leftovers. For example, Nashville Springs can be very tough on your house with the pollen. Waiting to the end of the season allows for the prime opportunity to wash away all the pollen that has accumulated on your home’s exterior. If it’s fall, waiting until the leaves fall will allow for you to wash away any dirt and dust that may have accumulated from the leaves. 

All four seasons in Nashville are very unpredictable making it difficult to know when to power wash your home. At Equinox Power Cleaning we can take care of power washing your home rain, shine, hot, or cold. 

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