How Often Should I Pressure Wash My Home?

One of the questions we get asked the most is how often should I pressure wash my house? Unfortunately there’s no magic number or answer. There is however a couple factors to take into consideration when answering this question. 

Type of Home:

The type of home you live in is considered when answering this question. If you live in a brick house then once a year after your pollen season is all that is needed. If you have siding on your house twice a year is recommended for optimal appearance and maintenance. 

Climate of Home:

A house that fully experiences all 4 seasons may need more attention than a house that isn’t or vice versa. Here in Nashville, TN we can have a sunny day on Monday, Cold day on Tuesday, and thunderstorms and strong winds on Wednesday. With these extreme variations in the weather conditions it can cause for more needed attention to the exterior of your home for a pressure wash. 

Is your home on a dirt road? If so the dirt from the road could accumulate over 1-2 months requiring you to pressure clean your home more frequently. 

Is your home surrounded by a lot of trees? Cleaning it more frequently is recommended to prevent the build up of sap on your home. 

It’s your house and as you can see there’s several factors to play a part in how often you should pressure wash your home. Use your best judgment to know when to pressure wash your home. If you can run your fingers along the house and have dirt on your hands then that’s a great indicator to pressure wash your home. If your home looks dirty and you think it needs to be cleaned feel free to give it a wash down. 

Getting a power washing expert to come out and inspect your home is always a good idea. When in doubt, call us at Equinox Power Cleaning. We would love to answer any questions or concerns you may have about power washing your home. 


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