Power Washing vs Pressure Washing – What’s the Difference

You’ve seen your neighbors pressure wash their house. You’ve heard people say they are going to power wash their house. Is there a difference or is it the same thing? When you dive deeper into the issue you will see that there are some notable differences between power washing and pressure washing.

Pressure Washing

Pressure Washing is the common method of washing the exterior of your home, driveway, decks, or patios. Pressure washing uses a pressure cleaning machine. The great thing about pressure washing is you can do it yourself making it a budget friendly option. While pressure washing is an affordable option you’ll see why below but power washing is always the best solution to use even if it’s not on a monthly basis.

Power Washing

Power washing has two distinct differences from pressure washing. The first one being the machine used is a power washing machine. The second difference is power washing uses heated water instead of non-heated water in pressure washing machines.

The heated water makes it easier to get hard to clean spaces with mold, mildew, grime, gunk, and anything else that could accrue in the hard to clean spaces around the exterior of your home. Think of the heated water like washing dishes. When you use hot water it’s easier to remove the grease and gunk from the dishes. The same concept applies to power washing.

Since power washing cleans the hard to clean surfaces and spaces easier it’s the recommended option for the exterior of your home and your homes concrete or cement.

If you’ve never had your residence power washed or need a routine upkeep of your exterior get in touch with us. Our power washing experts would love to help!

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